Common Water Problems

High Iron Content

Nobody likes rusty water!

Dissolved iron in your water can leave red or brown deposits on everything. Excessive levels of iron are the second-most common problem today, after hard water. If you see red precipitates in standing water, like toilets, or see red stains on fixtures and clothes, you have iron in your water. Culligan can filter it out.

High Iron Problems

  • Reddish or red-brown stains on your fixtures and clothing
  • Yellow or orange-colored water - clean water comes in one color: clear
  • Clogs in wells, pumps and sprinklers
  • Metallic taste to your water
  • Can affect foods and beverages - turning tea, coffee, and potatoes black

Iron problems exist in many different forms, which may require different water treatment for its removal. The type of iron present is important when considering water treatment.

Water that comes out of the faucet clear, but turns red or brown after standing is “ferrous” iron, also known as “clear-water” iron. Water which is red or yellow when first drawn is “ferric” iron, also known as “red- water” iron. Iron can form compounds with naturally occurring acids, and exist as “organic” iron. Organic iron is usually yellow or brown, but may be colorless. Water containing iron bacteria is said to contain “bacterial” iron. Your Culligan Man can recommend the right Culligan system for your household's unique iron removal needs.