Water Systems

Culligan Water Softeners

Culligan® Water Softeners

Hard water spots from minerals in your water? Minerals in your water can build up on glassware, shower doors, fixtures, clothes or other items throughout your home. A Culligan® Water Softener, sometimes called a water conditioner, will remove harmful minerals that can cloud or "etch" your glassware.


Culligan<sup>®</sup> Drinking Water Systems

Culligan® Drinking Water Systems

Culligan offers a variety of drinking water systems. Each drinking water system brings great tasting water right into your home and can reduce lead, radium, chlorine, bad tastes and odors. Eliminate up to 95% of dissolved minerals, particles and organics from your water with a Culligan Drinking Water System®.


Culligan<sup>®</sup> Total Home Systems

Culligan® Total Home Systems

Culligan® Total Home Systems filter and soften your water, bringing soft, delicious water to every room of your house.  It also helps eliminate the unpleasant taste and smell of chlorine, a common problem for consumers with city water supplies. Keep your family healthy and hydrated and your home spot-free with a Culligan® Total Home System.


Culligan Water Filtration Systems

Culligan® Water Filtration Systems

Culligan® Water Filters remove the substances from your water that can cause staining, foul odors and excessive cleanup. Household chores become easier because your water is working with you, not against you.


Culligan<sup>®</sup> Water Coolers

Culligan® Bottle-Free Coolers

Pure, great-tasting water means your whole family will drink more water, and kids tend to drink less soda and fewer sugary drinks. Doctors recommend eight glasses a day for dieting, exercising or just living a healthier lifestyle – why not make it clean, refreshing Culligan water?