Water Systems

Culligan® Water Filtration Systems

Get a Filter or Be a Filter.

Water filtration involves removing small particles like sediment, manganese, iron, chlorine and even gasses like hydrogen sulfide from the water. The filter traps these particles (in sizes as small as 10 microns), as water travels through it. Periodically the filter must be backwashed, so the unit has to be taken off-line. The flow of water through the filter is reversed, and the trapped sediment is rinsed out. When completed, the filter is ready to work again. To learn more about water filtration, check out the water FAQ.

Benefits of Culligan® Water Filtration Systems:

  • Removes dirt, silt, clay and other sediments from your drinking and household water
  • Removes iron to prevent staining
  • Removes sulfur, which causes a rotten egg smell
  • Four layers of filtering material for optimum water treatment
  • No cartridges to change or clean
  • Minimizes unpleasant odors
  • Reduces most chlorine taste and odor
  • Reduces effects of water corrosion on plumbing, appliances and fixtures
  • Eliminates water stains due to corrosion
  • Neutralizes acidic water

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