Salt-Free Water Softening?

While many companies promote salt-free devices as alternatives to traditional water softeners, laboratory tests by independent third parties, including the Army Corp of Engineers and the Water Quality Association, suggest that these products do not deliver the same benefits, such as brighter laundry, softer skin, and reduction of water spots on shower doors and glasses. But if you’re looking to go salt-free, your Culligan Man™ has options!

Culligan salt-free water treatment options include:

  • Culligan® Automatic Filters: We have a full line of filtration systems that do not use salt to regenerate.
  • Culligan® Whole House Reverse Osmosis: This system improves water when other technologies do not remove specific problem-causing minerals or contaminants.
  • No Sodium Softener Alternative: All Culligan softening systems can use potassium chloride as an alternative.

Another option is our Culligan® Soft Water Portable Exchange Softening Service. This is similar to traditional water softening techniques, but regeneration takes place at Culligan instead of your home. This way there is no salt or discharge in your home.

Your Culligan Man can provide a FREE, complete analysis of your water, discuss your concerns, and recommend a treatment plan. They will also visually inspect your fixtures, plumbing and water-using appliances. This analysis includes a detailed report and treatment estimate, and is provided as a public service at no cost or obligation.

Please note that other devices, such as magnet-based devices, claim to reduce scale and calcium buildup in pipes and water-based appliances, but research has consistently concluded that these products do not work in all water conditions, nor do they work in a consistent, predictable way. In short, nothing other than a water softener will soften your water!

Visit our FAQ to learn more about how a water softener works. Contact us today to learn more about Culligan® Salt-Free Water Softener Systems or sign up for a FREE water analysis.